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Our Editors

Ms. Albertine
Ms. Albertine
Masters in English literature
7 years
5 years

Ms. Albertine is an experienced ESL teacher associated with Having taught for more than 13 years in different schools as an ESL instructor here in the California, United States, Ms. Albertine joined as a full-time ESL editor, wherein she is mainly responsible to serve those of the non-native English speakers who confront numerous issues and problems when speaking or writing in English, compared to native English speakers.

Being an ESL specialist from head to toe, she has mastery over ESL communication and knows better how to cater to ESL students and customers having different lingual and regional background. Ms. Albertine is a prolific essayist, as well as an expert short story writer. As per her educational background, M. Albertine has done Masters in English literature.

Later on, she joined the University of Chicago as a junior instructor in its ESL training program. Meanwhile, she managed to complete her dissertation focusing ESL writing needs and existing trends among the South Asian students studying in primary and secondary school in Indiana. After this, she taught in various school here in Indiana and Chicago as an ESL instructor. Right now, she is a full-time ESL scholar, providing her matchless expertise to customers all over the world via

Ms. Steve Haidee
Ms. Steve Haidee
Masters in American English Literature
8 years
5 years

Ms. Steve Haidee works as an editorial in-charge here at the Mainly. Ms. Haidee looks after the editing orders and queries related to non-academic content writing such as cover letters, novel editing, manuscript editing, book editing, and the rest of the authoring writing and editing services as well. Before joining as a specialized editorial lead, she has worked at The English Academy of Letters here at the Danville, Kentucky for more than 6 years as a research assistant, wherein her main job was to study and inquire about the postmodernism era in the English literature produced in the United States, which took place in late 20th century.

After that, Ms. Haidee joined the Institute of English Phonetics & Phonology (IEPP) here at the Frankfort, United States. At the IEPP, she taught as the main English language trainer and conducted exclusive language-based teachers’ training programs meant for upcoming English language instructors and ESL trainers. As per educational expertise, she has completed Masters in American English Literature, and along with masters, Ms. Haidee also has a 3-years diploma in English phonetics and phonology from the Institute of English Phonetics & Phonology (IEPP) located at the Frankfort, Kentucky. Her full-time association with has proved to be quite beneficial for the customers, enabling them to have an excellent level of language expertise in any writing format.

Mr. Mark Alston
Mr. Mark Alston
Masters inEnglish Literature
30 years
30 years

Mr. Mark Alston is a well-experienced, highly qualified and veteran academician having more than 30 year experience in English writing and editing, related to dissertation and thesis writing in particular. He has recently joined as a Director Creative Writing & Editing. Mr. Alston is also responsible for overseeing the entire productions works related to thesis and dissertation writing and editing.

Previously, he has taught at many leading colleges and universities in U.K., and then shifted to United States in 2004. In the United Kingdom, he has taught the subject of research writing in the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, University of the West of Scotland Hamilton, and School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), London, United Kingdom. In 2004, he joined the Metropolitan State University of Denver as a Research Lead in its Department of liberal arts & humanities.

Later on in 2010, Mr. Alston joined Georgia Southwestern State University. His recent entry in the editorial board here at the is a breath of fresh air, as his valuable lifelong experience has come out to be a game changer in many aspects. Customers are having more than specialized writing and editing solutions, and the success ratio increased manifolds accordingly.

Mr. John Mackenzie
Mr. John Mackenzie
5 years
2 years

Mr. John Mackenzie is associated with as a specialized business writer and editor. He joined in January 2011, and since then he has been consistently offering her business writing and editing expertise with the students studying in MBA & BBA programs all over the world.

Mr. Mackenzie is not only an expert writer when it comes to producing research-based articles and academic essays, but is also a geek editor who really loves to tune up business data and statistics as per the international business writing standards being followed in the modern accounting and statistical studies.

He has produced a number of research papers and scholarly articles focusing international trading standards and protocols, business laws and regulations especially in relations to United States and European Union, global taxation practices and standards, macroeconomics in US, UK and Canada, and the impact of economic interventions proposed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the Third World Countries.

He is second to none in presenting and illustrating complex data, intricate figures and hard-to-digest statistics though graphs charts and tables. He has done his masters in statistics with majors in accountancy, business administration and international business law.

Mr. Vaughan Jacobs
Mr. Vaughan Jacobs
Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism
5 years
6 years

Mr. Vaughan Jacobs is an Editorial Associate at the As per his job description, he is responsible for performing exclusive tasks related to editing, proofreading, and fact checking. Along with main editing responsibilities, Mr. Jacobs also makes sure that all of the academic essays, research papers, theses and dissertations are written according to the standard writing styles and format being followed in the leading colleges and universities of the world.

He is keen, attentive, result oriented, and quality conscious, above all. Having edited and proofread scores of academic and non-academic documents in a highly professional manner, Mr. Vaughan Jacobs is a man of determination and professional integrity, always looking for further improvement and enhancement in his own editing and proofreading efforts.

As per his educational background, he has done masters in mass communication & journalism from the Abilene Christian University Texas from its Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Before joining the, he has previously worked with some leading publishing houses and news magazines as an assistant editor. Mr. Jacobs has a matchless ability to deliver complex editing and proofreading tasks within tight deadlines with optimum accuracy and perfection. Overall, he is someone we are very proud of.

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Frequently Asked Questions
My essay is 2500 words, it should be 3000. Can you expand it for me?
Absolutely, we can do this by ‘fleshing out’ what you have written (although we cannot actually add content to academic papers).
I want my essay to sound more professional. Can you do this?
Yes, our editors are magicians and can lift the tone and style of your writing by improving English usage and sentences so that the work sounds more formal and still allows your personality to come through.
I think I have missed some of the citations in the references. Can you check this for me?
Yes, if you let us know the citation style required, we will be happy to check that your paper is in compliance - our editors are experienced in all the major citation styles, such as APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard etc.
If I go ahead and have my essay edited, will you guarantee that I will pass?
Only your supervisor or examiners can predict the outcome of your paper. What we can guarantee is that you will have a far greater chance of success once your essay has been edited by EditEssay.
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Absolutely. We offer a free, five-page sample edit to anyone with a book-length manuscript. We know your manuscript is important to you and that it's good to be able to "try before you buy" if you're thinking about sending a long manuscript.
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