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By providing you personalized draft, we also bring up self-confidence and assurance and help you stand in the world with all pompous and pride.

Frequently Asked Questions
My essay is 2500 words, it should be 3000. Can you expand it for me?
Absolutely, we can do this by ‘fleshing out’ what you have written (although we cannot actually add content to academic papers).
I want my essay to sound more professional. Can you do this?
Yes, our editors are magicians and can lift the tone and style of your writing by improving English usage and sentences so that the work sounds more formal and still allows your personality to come through.
I think I have missed some of the citations in the references. Can you check this for me?
Yes, if you let us know the citation style required, we will be happy to check that your paper is in compliance - our editors are experienced in all the major citation styles, such as APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard etc.
If I go ahead and have my essay edited, will you guarantee that I will pass?
Only your supervisor or examiners can predict the outcome of your paper. But what we can guaranteed you, Once your essay has been edited from us. You will have a far better position to get good grade.
Can I see a sample of your work?
Absolutely. We offer a free, five-page sample edit to anyone with a book-length manuscript. We know your manuscript is important to you and that it's good to be able to "try before you buy" if you're thinking about sending a long manuscript.
How can I get in touch?
If you've read ALL our FAQs and the rest of the Web site, and still have a question, see our contact page for details on how to get in touch. But please do read all our FAQs first! We've worked hard to make them comprehensive, and chances are you'll find your answer in there somewhere.
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