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How to Handle Topic?

Often, colleges will ask you, the applicant, to write about an experience you've had, an achievement in your life, or someone who has had a significant influence on your life. In handling such a topic — or, for that matter, any topic you select — go beyond the what and dig into the how and why. In other words, don't settle for simply providing a description of an event. Take the next step and tell about the impact the situation had on you....

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Editing Your College Admission Essay!

No matter what the subject or goal, writing is never a one shot deal. There’s more to writing a college admission essay than just sitting down with paper and pen for an hour and banging it out. Writing is a process, which means that several drafts are necessary. Each time you rewrite, your work will improve. Therefore, it naturally follows that for the best possible overall college application, you should revisit your college admission essay and edit it until it is the best possible essay that you are capable of writing....

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Anti-Plagiarism Tips - Preventing & Detecting Plagiarism

Develop a set of requirements that allow flexibility but that also prevent a canned or downloaded paper from fitting the assignment. Examples:
At least two sources must be less than a year old.
Include a table of data collected by the student in a survey or experiment.
Include a discussion or analysis of a specific book or article named by the instructor.
Make use of at least two books, three articles, two Web articles, and an interview.…

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What Does Make It Difficult to Write Essays?

Nothing is difficult but sometimes many easier and effortless tasks require herculean efforts to get them done. Essay writing is also no exception.…

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