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Editing Your College Admission Essay!

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No matter what the subject or goal, writing is never a one shot deal. There’s more to writing a college admission essay than just sitting down with paper and pen for an hour and banging it out. Writing is a process, which means that several drafts are necessary. Each time you rewrite, your work will improve. Therefore, it naturally follows that for the best possible overall college application, you should revisit your college admission essay and edit it until it is the best possible essay that you are capable of writing.

After you have written the first draft, walk away and let your college admission essay rest. When you have a clear head, go back and read it through with a fresh perspective. It is important to approach the editing process objectively so that the areas that need attention will pop out. Once you’ve recognized the trouble spots, you’ll have an easier time editing them.

The most important things for you to consider when editing your college admission essay are the basic substance and structure. Ask yourself the following questions as if you were the head of the college admissions committee instead of the applicant who wrote the essay.

  • Do the thesis and supporting sentences relate to the assignment?
  • Does your college admission essay accomplish what it sets out to do? For example, if you are asked to describe the most influential person in your life, have you introduced this person, described them, and explained their impact on your life?
  • Are you leaving out any essential details?
  • Does your essay congeal? In other words, is there a clear beginning, middle, and end?
  • Are their transitions between the paragraphs so that the ideas flow together smoothly?
  • Are any sentences out of place or superfluous?

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